Guided tour of the heights of the dungeon or the attic of the Sainte-Chapelle in Vincennes

Discover spaces that are usually closed to the public!

  • Season 2024:
    Package at 240€ for the whole group
    Up to 17 people maximum

  • 17 people maximum

  • French and foreign languages (on request)

  • Subject to guide availability


Two exceptional tours are available at the Château de Vincennes for groups of up to 17 people.

  • The attic of the Sainte-Chapelle at Vincennes Castle

Come and discover the boldness and skill of the carpenters.

Despite the vicissitudes of time, the 15-metre-high framework covering the entire nave of the monument has undergone very few changes since it was completed during the reign of Henry II (1547-1559).

Now that it has been brought to light, all the mysteries of its construction can be revealed.

  • The heights of the keep at Château de Vincennes

Leave the tour route and climb the 50 metres to the top of Europe's tallest dungeon to discover its unique history.

Pass through five storeys and 1,000 years of history, from the Hundred Years' War to the Second World War, to reach the summit terrace and its view over the whole of Paris.

Important information: in the event of bad weather, you will not be able to go out onto the summit terrace.

Payment methods

Payment at the monument ticket office by credit card, cheque or cash

Practical information

  • Booking required at least one month in advance


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